Sculptures in Metal and Mixed Media


A story in metal

After years of exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and mediums, the journey in creative expression ultimately led to creating objects with metal. It provided endless possibilities in balancing art, design, craft and continuity within a theme, based on personal growth and self-reflection in mind and spirit, making each work a intimate personal story.

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The theme

These objects were created between 2018 to 2020 using mostly 'ordinary' steel. Some were supplemented with cast iron, red copper, yellow copper, brass, bronze, lead, stone, slate or wood. The sphere is a recurring element as a theme and storyteller. As if it was a freeze frame of a moment in the life of the sculptor


Sculptures in metal and mixed media

This series represents the artist’s inner most thoughts of human desire, pain, emotion and the human struggle for meaning. The objects evolved through experiment, discovery, invention and the search for continuity. They represent indelible life moments in the artist’s personal internal journey.


Intuitive work

Work without a theme or story, with a focus on intuition and association.